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Caitlin Claessens


for the perfect live musical entertainment at your event, or professional vocals for your project.

Caitlin is the narrator & vocalist for Skyship Entertainment's new series, Treetop Family!

Premiering in April 2016, Treetop Family is a new web series for SkyShip Entertainment, home of some of the most well known and most loved children's content on Youtube with over 2.5 billion views in past 2 years! Caitlin's voice and vocals will be narrating each of the 16 episodes.


Watch episodes here:



Super Simple Songs - Treetop Family Theme Song, 2016

Caitlin's first SuperBowl Commercial with T-Mobile! 

Caitlin recorded the song Tongue Tied with songwriter and composer Daniel Rosen of The Foundry Labs. In 2015 it was pick up by the award winning sound design company, JSM Music, and featured in one of T-Mobile's 2015 SuperBowl ads featuring Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler.


"Badda-badda-da! Badda-badda-da!" 


T-Mobile, 2015

Dan Rather Presents Underground Sounds, featuring Caitlin Claessens...

One of Caitlin's favourite venues to play in New York City is the subway platform. Having made her mark and many fans in the subway, she was selected by Dan Rather's production team to be featured in a special presentation about subway musicians. Her quirky originals and creative covers, as well as a bit of her story, were broadcasted on television in December, 2015. The episode (episode 23) is avaialble for purchase here. 


Dan Rather's Presents Underground Sounds promo, AXStv

Hi, nice to meet you...

Caitlin Claessens is a professional vocalist & musician based in Toronto, Canada. Her accomplished background in entertainment is diverse and cements her talent in the field.​


Whether you are looking for a singer to add vocals to your song, or a musician with a perfect combination of songs for any venue or event, Caitlin can offer a range of talents with her voice and personality. 



Click the links below to learn (and listen) more...

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Contact Caitlin to add live music to your event, or to give your musical project the vocals you want.

Please contact via email to request contact number


For Caitlin's work with children's education & entertainment, visit Caitlin for Kids

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